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PEOPLE delve into myriad reasons as to why some go out with extremely younger or older spouses than themselves. “Age ain’t nothin’ but number and do not let it be a state of mind” “True love conquers all odds” are some of the expressions that have been coined to validate some relationships. On the for-going premise, any sort of a relationship is possible. It matters less either its 60 against 25 or 21 against 35 and that sound familiar with most Hollywood relationships right? In some extreme cases, some couples are multiple generations apart and at least photos and videos from the media tell us they are ever happy and still going strong. Hollywood actor-Harrison Ford (72) and Galista Flockhart (49) for instance have a 22 years age gap and have a relationship that spans as far back as 2002.They have been tight together for some good 12 years and seemingly still going strong. The good old legendary actor, Clint Eastwood (84), a father of 7 children from 5 wives and current wife Dina Ruiz (49) are 35 years apart and they have been together for 16 years now. It still remains a top secret as to what made Dina fall head over hills for the Grandpa. And the Mask of Zorro actress Catherine Zeta Johns (44) and Michael Douglas (69) have done it well when it comes to bridging that generational gap. They are 25 years apart and still growing strong in both fame and love. Some Zambian young ladies of late at least seem to be heading the Hollywood way as well. One would bear with me that you only get to spot a tiny number of them around our famous shopping malls. A relatively young lady with an old, bald and grey white grandpa, almost twice their age shopping and walking about, with hands clasped together in a public display of affection. Albeit most Zambians shake their heads at such sights especially when they cause a stare by constantly referring to each other as honey, sweetness, hubby and so on. They begin to question what really motivates a younger Lady to get involved in a relationship with a person almost twice her age and conversely. On several occasions especially when hanging around Arcades Shopping Mall and other famous places around Lusaka, they are never short of odd sights of younger Zambian ladies being spotted with an old aged white Grandpa in a public display of affection, causing an unusual stare especially among unsuspecting passer-by’s- when the old man in question is constantly being referred to him as hubby, darling, sweetness and so on. In as much as love happens to everyone and we do not literally chose who to fall for, the age of the partner one intends to be with ought to be given some consideration too. Embarking on a long term healthy relationship is something that takes considerable effort and careful planning. People wanting to develop a relationship ought to ensure that they have the best chance of success at it. It is psychologically proven that most young ladies would not want to go out with people that are younger than them and those of their age. They tend to be attracted to relatively older men but still an odd age gap difference can be a hindrance to a healthy relationship. This is because human development has various stages and at every stage comes with its own cravings and interests. Obviously there is a big difference in taste and lifestyle of a 25 year old lady and a 65 year old man. At this stage the young lady is adventurous and full of energy. She would want to visit places, go out with friends once in a while but on the other hand the old folk would want a more conventional and quiet relationship. Therefore odd age disparity might consequently cripple the life span of such a relationship. Research by the American National Institute on Aging reveals that as men get older, impotence or erectile dysfunction become more common. Impotent dysfunction is the ability to have and keep an erection for sexual intercourse. It also states that age brings physical changes in both men and women and these may affect the ability to have and enjoy sex.With such startling revelations from a scientific point of view, young people should begin to put on alert expressions such as age ain’t nothin but number. And if they want continue to marrying “shikulus” then they should as well not expect too much in terms of sexual activities. Not only do relationships with abnormal age gaps cause a public stare, but friends to the one involved might also find it difficult to approve. Firstly there seem to be nothing in common between the one involved and the partner and secondly even friends have nothing in common of whatsoever with your husband. They cannot even relate and interact at any point. They wouldn’t even know whether to refer to your hubby as dad or on first name basis which could turn out to be quite uncomfortable. And probably the biggest question could be just what happened to people finding an appropriate suitor? The opposition could not just come from friends but also the parents and family members of people involved. It would not be easy for anyone to approve of such a relationship in our society and one risks being alone with support and blessings from friends and relatives. One is never spared from such tensions. If you cast your mind back to some of those narratives, you might find that one further risks hanging in balance in that insecurity creeps in and it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain a relationship everyone is not in support of and worse still a husband you are not proud of. Some ladies say older men never play mind games and are more honest but another argument is that at 50, a man has his own circle of friends obviously even older than you and this plunges you into trouble finding common friends. Companionship is ruined then. Therefore age is not just a number but an important factor to consider when it comes to selecting life time partners.

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