Story Posted On: 11th June, 2016

Story Written By:Patrick Mangani

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Chilanga District Commissioner, EDITH MUWANA, has urged farmers in the district to take a moment and question their way of farming and the impact it has on the environment. Speaking during the just ended agriculture show,which was held under the theme:Managing the environment for growth,Mrs. Muwana says the earth is a common heritage of mankind and provides all that is needed to live and thrive such as food, water and air. She however, notes that it is unfortunate that people are taking much more from nature than what they really need thereby depleting the planet’s natural resources and not thinking of tomorrow. Mrs. Muwana adds that government has promoted decentralisation and local community participation in collaboration with the private sector to underpin sustainable management of natural resources. She further states that unless there is change in lifestyle, it will be difficult to save the environment. And Speaking at the same event, Chilanga District Agricultural and Commercial Show Society Chairperson SIMON CHIPUTA thanked the farmers for coming to exhibit despite the dry spells which were experienced at the growing stage of the crop. He thanked government for the provision of the farmer input support program which said have up, lifted the lives of the farmers in the district due to high prices of fertilizer and seed on the market. He called upon government to increase to number of fertilizer packs from the current one pack of four by fifty kilogram bags to at least two packs per farmer. Mr. CHIPUTA also urged farmer in the district to seriously consider forming or joining cooperative societies if they are to benefit from government programs and access money from donors. ‘If we are to continue sustaining our lives through farming, there is need to conserve and manage the environment in order to achieve the growth that is being referred to under this theme’. Said Mr. Chiputa.

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