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HEAD of Department for Educational Psychology, Sociology and Special Education at the University of Zambia Dr Beatrice Matafwali has applauded government for putting Early Childhood Education at the centre stage of the education agenda.
In a profile interview, Dr Matafwali says the move to annex early childhood education in primary schools, deployment of at least 1000 teachers trained in early childhood education, and the implementation of the early childhood education curriculum framework is phenomenal in the history of education in Zambia.
"These efforts are a clear demonstration that Zambia is making strides towards the attainment of the Education For All (EFA) goals. Inclusion of children with Special Educational Needs and those in the 0-2 year age bracket who are currently underrepresented in the early childhood education discourse requires also urgent attention. To ensure holistic development of the child, implementation should also take an integrated approach by including health and nutrition in the ECE programmes," says Dr Matafwali.
Dr Matafwali also strongly supports the introduction of local languages as the medium of instruction to pupils in grades one up to four.
"I found that children who are less familiar with the language in which reading is practiced have lower quality representation of word forms, and hence, their development of word recognition is less advanced compared with pupils who are familiar with the language that is utilised to practice reading. I also found a statistically significant difference between Grade 1 and 2 in reading words with Grade 1 being superior to Grade 2 performance, implying that children performed better on word reading when they practiced to read in the local language under the New Breakthrough to Literacy (NBTL) than when they shifted to English (SITE) in Grade Two," she says.
"… the one year exposure in the local language of initial literacy (NBTL) is not sufficient for children to acquire Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) required for them to adequately benefit from classroom instruction. An early exit from the local language (L1) to English (L2) can be a recipe for reading failure."
On her PhD findings, Dr Matafwali reveals: "From the practical point of view, her findings are in full support of the local language medium of instruction in the initial stages of literacy development. One of my recommendations was that the teaching in a familiar Language be extended to three or four years as this would be consistent with the practice in other countries in Sub Saharan Africa: Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Therefore, the new language policy where the local language is promoted in the first four years of schooling is timely for Zambia; this is a progressive pedagogical move. This is the practice in many countries not only in Africa but in the world. Learning in the local language provides the language buffer which acts as a tool kit upon which children rely to benefit from classroom instructions. However, there is need to consider introducing more local languages in the curriculum as this will provide many children an opportunity to be taught in a familiar language. There is also need to invest in the production of teaching and learning materials in the local languages and in the training of teachers. While the argument that some children are more familiar with English than the local language is valid, majority of Zambian children fall in the lower economic bracket and these use local languages in their homes."
Below is the profile interview we had with her:
Q: Very briefly tell us about your family background.
A: I was born in 1976 in Samfya District, Luapula Province to Prisca Mubanga and Alexander Matafwali, a former headteacher. My father is from Samfya and my mother is from Chief Kasomalunga, in the newly created Lunga district. I am the seventh born in a family of nine. I have two sisters (Roydah and Marien) and six brothers (Wilbroad, Wilson, Tresphord, Ignitius, Emmanuel and Mike). My mother and two of my brothers (Wilbroad and Mike) have since passed away. My other siblings are working as civil servants in various ministries. My father served as head teacher at a number of primary schools in Samfya district and my mother worked as an assistant teacher for some time. I have a beautiful daughter by the name of Bwalya Katuta. She is currently doing her first year at the University of Zambia in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Q: Your education background?
A: I did my primary education at a number of schools in Samfya district because my father moved schools in that period. I started my Grade One in 1982 at Kaongwe Primary School, did Grade Three and Four at Twingi Mission Primary School, Grade Five at Kabanga Primary School, and Grade Six and Seven at Njipi Primary School. I then proceeded to do my Secondary Education at Samfya Secondary School in 1989 and completed my Grade Twelve in 1993. I was admitted to the University of Zambia in 1995 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts with Education degree but withdrew with permission and resumed studies in 1996. Being admitted to the University of Zambia was a big achievement in my life because at that time it was rare that girls from Samfya Secondary school qualified to the University. I completed my undergraduate degree programme in 2001 and graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Education. It took me close to six years to complete my undergraduate programme due to many disruptions in the academic calendar at UNZA, resulting from unplanned closures of the institution. Upon completion of my Bachelors Degree, I was offered a position as a Staff Development Fellow in the Department of Educational Psychology, Sociology and Special Education.
Q: What motivated you to study Special Education?
A: When I came to UNZA, I did not know anything about Special Education because the programme was relatively new so in first and second year, I did Psychology, Religious Studies, History and EAP 111(a foundation course for first year students in the School of Education). However, there was a component on Special Education in EAP 111 which was taught by the late Dr Kalabula. It was from there that the interest to take Special Education as my major started. I was in the third cohort of the Special Education programme. I worked hard and I was given an award in Fourth Year for being the best student going into final year of study in the Special Education Programme. My tuition fees in that year were paid for as part of the award. A number of lecturers were instrumental in my undergraduate studies; Dr. Kalabula, Dr Phiri (current Minister of Education), Dr Siamwiza, Dr Chakulimba and Dr Cheyeka. These inspired me to work hard.
Q: Where and when did you read for your Masters and PhD degrees?
A: I did my Masters and PhD degrees at UNZA although the PhD was a sandwich programme with Leiden University in the Netherlands. I enrolled for my Masters degree in August 2003 and graduated in July 2005 and I was appointed as Lecturer. I then enrolled for my PhD programme in July 2006 and graduated in August 2010. Initially enrolling for the PhD programme shortly after my Masters was not my plan but it so happened that barely a week after my graduation, Professor Robert Serpell, then Vice Chancellor of UNZA, introduced me to Professor Adriana Bus from Leiden University-Netherlands who was in the country on a private visit. Professor Serpell had shared the topic for my Masters dissertation with Professor Bus, so she invited me for a discussion one evening. She then extended the invitation for me to go to the Netherlands to work on my PhD proposal in November 2005. I submitted the proposal to Nolle Nauta Foundation for funding and I was fortunate to be given a scholarship. Professor Serpell came to know about the topic for my Masters Dissertation when I worked as a research assistant on a Yale project which he was coordinating as Vice Chancellor in 2004 because literacy is his area of interest. He is one of those people who have provided a lot of mentorship in my career path and I am very grateful for that.
Q: What was the focus of your research at these two levels?
A: The focus of my research at Master level was on reading difficulties. My topic was titled "Nature and Prevalence of Reading Difficulties in Grade Three." Children were drawn from selected schools in Lusaka. My study revealed low reading levels among Grade Three pupils and most of the children had difficulties with phonemic awareness. I was intrigued by the poor performance in basic reading skills by majority of the children in my study and it was from this background that I sought to establish the underlying factors behind the low literacy levels in Zambia. Thus, at PhD level, I focused on "The Role of Oral Language in acquisition of Early Literacy Skills". My proposition was that oral language was a potent predictor of literacy skills and if children lack proficiency in oral language they would face significant difficulties learning to read. I followed up a cohort of children for two years, from Grade One through to Grade Two. Children were assessed in the initial language of instruction in Grade One and in English in Grade Two. The study revealed that development of reading is influenced by oral language skills independent of effects through alphabetic knowledge. The outcomes confirmed the hypothesis that low levels of understanding material that is used to practice reading may delay the development of both graphophonological and lexicosemantic routes that are required for accurate and fluent word recognition.
The experience at both Masters and PhD levels was exciting because it was a period of discovering new knowledge. I came across various theories that helped me understand my study field better. The most gratifying thing was the realisation that my findings at both levels made a huge contribution in the area of reading difficulties, Language and Literacy.
Q: How did you manage to study for your PhD and LLB degrees coupled with your teaching and research responsibilities?
A: Initially it was not my intention to pursue two programmes concurrently but what happened was that I enrolled for the LLB programme immediately after completing my Masters degree in 2005 as Law was my childhood dream. Special Education was not first my choice, but at the time of applying, someone filled in the application form for me and chose a programme in the School of Education since Law was not appearing as one of the programmes on the forms. We had little information on how to get to Law School. However, I don't regret having studied the Bachelor of Arts with Education, and I have no intentions of leaving the world of academia. I was awarded a PhD scholarship while reading for my LLB. So, I had to make a bold decision. I consulted my colleagues, Dr. Ecloss Munsaka, Mr Kalima Kalima and my sister Marien over this dilemma and they all assured me that I was capable of doing both programmes at the same time and those words of encouragement gave me a lot of confidence. This was not an easy undertaking though. However, through unwavering determination and focus, I juggled all the responsibilities with success. I have learnt that time management is important in life. If you want to achieve something, you need to set a goal, make time for it, remain determined no matter how demanding the situation is- victory is certain. I also had supportive supervisors: Professor Adriana G. Bus and Dr. Sophie Kasonde-Ngandu; these great women were always there to ensure that I remained focused. In Law school, I had inspiring lecturers who set high standards and this helped me to remain vigilant such that I never failed any course in law school despite the high failure rate associated with that school. The encouragement from my daughter Bwalya, my sister Marien, my cousin Hilda and my friends kept me going. I also received a lot of support from the University administration, the then Dean W.W. Chakanika. Above all, the almighty God gave me the strength that enabled me to persevere.
I am not yet an advocate of the High Court of Zambia, I have not gone to the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) due to administrative responsibilities as Head of Department though I intend to enroll at ZIALE as soon as my tenure of office comes to an end next year.
Q: Didn't you miss out on academic exposure having obtained all your degrees from one university?
A: I believe it is not the university you went to but how you position yourself in life is what really matters. Despite my PhD being a sandwich programme between UNZA and Leiden University and that I did all the coursework at Leiden University, I am proud to say that UNZA was the awarding institution and it is such opportunities of graduating students at postgraduate level that are vital in enhancing the academic ranking of the institution. I have been able to compete favourably in academia at the regional and international levels. I remember in 2009 I attended the 8th International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD) regional workshop at Maseno University in Kenya at which my poster presentation was voted the most outstanding presentation by a panel of judges from Australia, Canada and the US, scooping the first position beating all the other contestants from 23 countries in Africa and I was given an award by the Johanne Jacobs Foundation. Based on my expertise in dyslexia, I was invited by Professor Heikki Lytinnen of Jyvaskyla University to be a founder member of the GraphoWorld Network of Excellence in Helsinki-Finland in 2010. This was a high profile meeting for scholars in the area of dyslexia from Europe, US, Canada, and Australia. I felt privileged to interact with the President of the Haskins Laboratory. Professor Serpell and I were the only scholars from Africa who appended our signatures to this declaration whose aim is to provide non-commercial technology enhanced support with a special emphasis on countries where access to literacy education is limited. Through that declaration, Zambia was chosen by Jyvaskyla University to be the first country in Africa to implement the GraphoLearning, a technology based intervention for reading which is currently being piloted in various schools in Lusaka. I would therefore, not hesitate to encourage people to pursue their degrees locally if that is an alternative. What is important is to apply oneself in life. UNZA being the flag carrier in tertiary Education in Zambia has produced intellectuals of high standing in various professional fields. Despite the yawning physical infrastructure, UNZA has not departed from her motto, "Service and Excellence"
Q: What is the significance of providing special education?
A: Special Education as the name implies is education specially designed to meet the unique needs of exceptional children who are unable to benefit effectively from the regular curriculum. It encompasses heterogeneous groups of disorders, including: Hearing Impairments; Visual Impairments; Physical Disabilities; Intellectual Disabilities; Developmental Disorders (e.g. Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus), Health challenges (Asthma, HIV and AIDS, and Sickle Cell Anemia); Pervasive Developmental Disorders (e.g. Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and Retts Syndrome); Specific Learning Disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Reading difficulties; Writing difficulties, Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorders, Language and Communication disorders) and Emotional and Behavioural Disorders. Some of these conditions have primary effects while others have secondary effects which interfere with the child's ability to learn. Although special education is an integral part of the general education system, the term "special" signifies the unique nature of this discipline. It entails that for children with Special Needs to make maximum benefit from education, there is need to modify and adapt the curriculum and the learning environment, provision of specialised materials, services and equipment (e.g. Braille, Sign Language, Crutches, Calipers, Wheel Chairs, and rumps). Teachers who handle these children have also undergone specialised training to enable them have a holistic approach to individual learners while responding to diversity in the classroom. While Zambia has made strides in Special Education, a lot needs to be done at school level, vocational training and tertiary education to ensure access, equity and quality in education.
Q: How useful is Special Education and Education Psychology to teachers?
A: Special Education and Educational Psychology are important academic fields of study which are essential in effective planning, delivery and evaluation of teaching. Firstly, an effective teacher needs to have adequate knowledge on child development to have a holistic approach to teaching and understand individual learner characteristics. It also promotes a rich interaction between the teacher and the learner, as such the learner is perceived as an active thinker rather than a tabla rasa. An understanding of developmental trajectories; Language, Motor, Cognitive, Socio-emotional, and Interpersonal development equips teachers with pedagogical knowledge on learning processes. Training in measurement, assessment and evaluation is important in early identification and intervention of children at potential risk and in improving school outcome. Furthermore, guidance and counseling which is central to training in Special Education and Educational Psychology is significant in curbing delinquency and maladaptive behaviour among school going children through the provision of counseling services.
Q: How has Educational Psychology contributed to education development in Zambia?
A: Educational Psychology has contributed to education development in Zambia in different ways. Firstly, curriculum framework which is core to the delivery of the education system in any country relies heavily on the principles of Educational Psychology such as theories of learning. For instance, curriculum developers at school and college levels are able to understand what learners are capable of learning at a particular age and thus, allowing design of developmentally appropriate materials. Testing, measurement, assessment and evaluation have immensely contributed to quality assurance in education at all levels. Various scholars within the field of Educational Psychology have undertaken grounded research which has contributed to policy development in Zambia.
Q: Should sign language and Braille be compulsory subjects in schools?
A: I am definitely in support of calls to make Sign Language and Braille compulsory subjects in Primary and Secondary Schools as this would enhance communication for Persons with Hearing and Visual Impairments. I would even go further to propose that sign language be adopted as one of the main languages in Zambia. Persons with Visual Impairments and Hearing Impairments face challenges in their everyday life due to communication barriers. Even in sensitive matters such as Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT), it is difficult for a Person with Hearing Impairments to be counseled if the counselor does not have sign language skills. In cases of child abuse, it may be difficult for the child with hearing impairment to communicate when his/her rights have been violated. On the other hand, Persons with Visual Impairments have limited access to print as most of the books are not in Braille. Making Sign Language and Braille compulsory would facilitate social integration of Persons with Hearing and Visual Impairments in society. Further, more and more students with visual impairments and other disabilities will be able to pursue more study programmes at tertiary level since lecturers and facilities will be available to them unlike the current situation where students with visual and hearing impairments are being restricted to programmes in the school of education. There is need ensure that specialised facilities are put in place if society at large and tertiary education in particular are to be inclusive.
Q: Your contributions to the development of special education in Zambia?
A: I believe education is the engine of development in every country and it is not a disputable fact that teachers play a pivotal role in national development. Thus, as an educator, I have contributed to national development through training of teachers. As Marcus Tullius Cicero observed; "What nobler employment …more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation?". I teach a number of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I am also involved in the supervision/co-supervision of Masters/PhD Students and I am currently PhD external examiner for the University of Fort Hare in South Africa. Through such academic activities, I have been able to transfer relevant knowledge and skills necessary to enable students transform theory into practice thereby enhancing quality and excellence in the education system. The students I supervise at Masters and PhD levels also undertake grounded research which has led to generation of empirical evidence resulting into social change and policy development. Some of the graduates that have passed through my hands are serving in key administrative positions both in the public and private sector.
I have contributed to bridging the gap in reference materials for students in Special Education and Psychology through publication of Journal articles, Book chapters and Text Books. In 2013 for example, I co-authored a book with my colleague Dr Ecloss Munsaka titled "Child Development from Conception to Adolescence: Typical and Atypical Trends". The book has discussed child development with reference to the African context; human rights related issues as well as childhood developmental disorders. The book has become a resource book for colleges of education and at the university level. From 2011-2012, I was team leader in the development of Early Learning and Developmental Standards (ELDS) for Zambia being spearheaded by UNICEF. As regards public service, I was introduced to CAMFED by my friend Christabel Musonda to provide mentorship to girls particularly those from rural schools during the 2011 and 2012 Science Camp. This has gone a long way in motivating the Girl Child to work hard in school.
Q: What are your other research contributions to society?
A: I have participated in several research activities especially in the area of Early Childhood Education and Special Education. In 2007 I did an evaluation for UNICEF on Community based Early Childhood Education in Zambia with my colleague Dr Ecloss Munsaka. In 2012, we were contracted by UNICEF with my colleagues Dr Munsaka, Dr. L. Mweemba, and Mr G. Muleya to conduct the mapping of Early Childhood Services in Zambia. On both projects I served as Team Leader.
From 2010-2012, I was co-principal investigator (with Prof Gunther Fink of Harvard University) in a longitudinal study entitled "Validation study on the effects of Early Childhood health and educational experiences on child development. The project was co-funded by Harvard Centre on the Developing Child, and UNICEF. We developed an assessment instrument called the Zambia Child Assessment Tool (ZamCAT) and assessed 1,900 children across the country. The study revealed that participation in Early Childhood Education does not only improve performance in academic outcomes, but it also encourages a timely transition into Grade One. As regards Early Childhood health, the study revealed that exposure to malaria had an adverse effect on child development.
In 2013, I served as consultant for Firelight Foundation (a US based organisation) in the "Validation of the ZamCAT in Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia". I am also Co-Principal Investigator for Zambia with Professor Linda Richter (Distinguished Fellow at the Human Science Research Council of South Africa) in the "Validation of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ III) for children aged 2 months to 5 years" sponsored by the Human Science Research Council of South Africa.
I am currently Co-principal Investigator with Prof Serpell (UNZA) and Professor Anne-Trine Kjorholt of the Childhood Studies Centre at NTNU, Norway and Ms Mubanga Mofu as researcher in an intervention project aimed at enhancing the quality and relevance of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in rural communities. In this study, we have identified features of culture that have special relevance in Early Childhood Education but have not been given adequate attention by existing programmes such as: use of familiar local languages, use of traditional games, and involvement of grandmothers.
Q: Your advice to students and would-be students of special education and education psychology?
A: Special Education and Educational Psychology are important academic disciplines that can help in addressing challenges affecting children in our society today. These disciplines are broad in scope, equipping students with relevant knowledge and skills to effectively attend to diverse needs of learners in school. Like Barbara Colorose noted, "If children come to us (educators/teachers) from strong, healthy functioning backgrounds, it makes our job easier. If they do not come to us from strong healthy, functioning backgrounds, it makes our job more important". It, therefore, follows that Educational Psychologists and Special Education teachers occupy a special place in the Education sector as they possess highly specialised skills. In terms of career prospects, an Educational Psychologist and Special Education specialist has an added advantage, apart from teaching he/she can work as an administrator, Counselor, Assessment officer, and they can also work in any organisation that deals with child related activities. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all the students in the school of education to be proud of their profession as teaching is a noble career. There is no professional who can boast of his or her own ingenuity, we have all passed through the hands of a teacher. Students wishing to study Special Education at degree level can enroll at UNZA, Nkrumah University and Zambian Open University.
Q: Your last words?
Q: I would like to thank the Post Editorial Team for giving me an opportunity to share some insights on Special Education and Educational Psychology, and part of my professional and academic life to inspire women and girls as well as men and boys. I would end by urging the youths to set goals in life, act responsibly, and reposition their role in national development as we celebrate 50 years of independence.

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