Story Posted On: 05th , 2015

Story Written By:Muluwo Mushipi

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Nearly 2 Months ago when artist Chama Fumba popularly known as PILATO was almost arrested for singing about President Edgar Lungu, the artist have again hit headlines with his new single track tittled Bashi Tasila.

Pilato can be heard bitting the lyric's saying tasila Lungu ran away from United States of America to come to Zambia to witness the down fall of the Economy.

In the song the artist of the year clearly stated that it is shocking that Bashi Tasila (President Lungu) can allow his daughter to campaign for him when the economy is bad.

He says instead of going to school to advance her Education, the Daughter to the President is used as a dancing Queen.

"All the way from States to be used as a dancing queen by her father and cadres' what a shame, i was thinking that you were going to be an inspiration to youths of the Country, but your father is using you" part of his punch lyrics flows.

Pilato can be heard screaming calling for bashi tasila to be proactive and find possible measures to control the Economy.

Pilato called President Lungu to stop sleeping on duty because his country is in total mess.

Pilato was recently arrested for reminding President Lungu were hr is coming from in a song tittled alungu anabwela.

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roby2016-11-16 05:07:10

i think its time as africans we started respecting our heads of states.long live our president.its too early to jugde our president.He assumrd power in difficult circumstances truth be told


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